The Peggy Lee Bio-Discography And Videography:
War And Government Transcriptions
by Iván Santiago-Mercado

Generated on May 6, 2014

As of May 2014, this page remains under construction, and thus unavailable for full viewing. The sample session below should provide a basic understanding of the projected contents.

Date: May 6, 1946 / Jubilee
Location: NBC Studios, Los Angeles

Peggy Lee (ldr), The Les Paul Trio (acc), Cal Gooden (g), Les Paul (elg), Clint Nordquist (b), Milt Raskin (p), Peggy Lee (v)

a.    AFRS Show I Get The Blues (When It Rains) - 3:24  (Marcy Klauber, Harry Stoddard)
     Tokuma Musical Industries' Dan Records Public Domain LP/CD: (Japan) Vc 5016/Tkcf 77076 [CD rel. 2001] — The Great Ladies On V-Disc, Vol. 3 {Chris Connor, June Christy, Peggy Lee, Martha Tilton} (V-Disc Jazz Session Series)    (1979)
     Time-Life Music Licensed CD: R139-37/OP4537 — [Various Artists] V-Disc; The Songs That Went To War   (1992)
Signature Public Domain CD: (England) Signcd 2132 — Peggy Lee ("Idols" Box)   (2002)
b.    AFRS Show I Don't Know Enough About You - 2:43  (Dave Barbour, Peggy Lee)
Both titles on:      USA Government's War Department, Army-Navy V-Disc Series V-Disc: 682 — {I Get The Blues When It Rains / I Don't Know Enough About You / 2 vocals by Herb Jeffries}   (1946)
     Sound-Products/FonitCetra LP: (The Netherlands) Sph 7704 — [Various Artists] Memories Are Made Of This (V-Disc Series)   (1985)
     Storyville Collectors' Label CD: (Denmark) 5011009 (709298?) — [Various Artists] The Jubilee Shows, Volume 9; No. 194 & 195   (2004)
     Fonit Cetra Public Domain LP: (Italy) Vdl 1003 — [Various Artists] Le Voci Indimenticabili, Volume 1   
     Armed Forces Radio Service Transcription Disc: En 11; Program 194 — Jubilee [Various Artists; 2 Peggy Lee Vocals]   


I have entered the personnel as shown on Richard S. Sears' V-Disks: A History And Discography. Other sources omit Nordquist and Raskin, listing Bob Meyer (b) and Hal Dean (p) instead.