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Peggy Lee's Bio-Discography And Videography:
Peggy Lee's Vocals For Commercials
(Performances For Television, Part IV)

by Iván Santiago-Mercado

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As of July 2020, this page remains under construction, and thus unavailable for full viewing. Samples of the prospective contents shall be gradually added during the coming months. (Please bear in mind that the samples themselves are preliminary; they will undergo modifications and additions.) When completed, this page will list all Lee commercials known to me, with the caveat that I will exclude those which feature only speaking -- i.e., no singing.

Date: Probably Early 1959
Location: Radio Recorders, 7000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood

Peggy Lee (v)

a. Demo Perf. (Mastered) The Joy Of Living - 0:32(Philip J. Davis)
J. Walter Thompson Co. LPR 52 — Joy Of Good Living - Celebrity Series   (1959)

Original Source

My only source for details about this entry is the above-shown promotional LP, containing spots by at least ten additional artists, most of them with ties to Capitol Records. Each of the ten artists perform the same jingle tune, advertising Milwaukee's once famous Schlitz beer.

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