Peggy Lee's Bio-Discography:
Soundtrack Performances
(Film, Part III)
by Iván Santiago-Mercado

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This page is currently under construction. The contents will consist of recordings that Peggy Lee made expressly for film soundtracks — not for the record labels to which she was contracted. For instance, Lee’s Decca recording of the theme from the movie Johnny Guitar is excluded from this page because it was expressly made for that record label, not for the movie's soundtrack. On the other hand, the Lee version of the same song that is heard in the film itself will be included herein. (Exceptions to these directives have been made when there is doubt or lack of information as to whether a version released by a record company is the exact same one heard on the movie. A master from Sharky’s Machine, listed below, exemplifies such a situation.) This page is not scheduled to open until well into the year 2016.

Date: September 17, 1981
Location: Los Angeles
Label: Movie Soundtracks

Thomas L. "Snuff" Garrett (pdr), Grover Hesley, Chris McNary (eng), Allan A. "Al" Capps (arr, con), James Getzoff (ccm), Peggy Lee (v)

a. Master Take (Warner Bros.) Let's Keep Dancing - 3:13(Clifton T. Crofford, John Durrill, Bobby Troup, Samuel M. "Snuff" Garrett)
Warner Brothers LPBsk 3563 — [Various Artists] The Soundtrack Music From Burt Reynolds' Sharky's Machine    (1981)
Warner's Rhino Handmade Licensed CDRhm2 7853 — LET'S LOVE   (2003)
Varèse Sarabande Licensed CD302 067 238 8 — [Various Artists] The Soundtrack Music From Burt Reynolds' Sharky's Machine   (2014)


I have never watched the film Sharky's Machine. According to reports from two actual watchers of the film, Lee's vocal is barely and briefly heard during the movie. For the time being, I remain uncertain as to whether the Lee vocal of “Let’s Keep Dancing” heard in the 1981 album is the same one heard in the film, or a second version recorded for album release.


1. Mastering Date?
The extant date may be the mastering instead of the recording date. See next point, though.

2. Sarah Vaughan Data
Like Peggy Lee, Sarah Vaughan is one of the various vocalists heard on Warner Brother BSK3653. According to her discographer Dennis Brown, Vaughan recorded one of her two vocals for this album on May 14, 1980 ("The Love Theme From Sharky's Machine," matrix number ZCA 1447) and the other on September 14, 1981 ("Before You," a duet with Joe Williams, matrix number ZCA 1452). The second date is thus close to the date available for the Peggy Lee number.

The substantial time span between Vaughan's two performances is intriguing. Perhaps the fact that the earlier number was the movie’s theme explains its apparent recording so far in advance. Curiously, the respective matrix numbers (1447, 1452) are relatively close to one another. (Assuming that the dates found by Brown are correct, perhaps the theme was assigned its number at the same time as the later performances, or perhaps a batch of consecutive numbers were reserved when the theme was recorded.)


1. Recording Artists
Assembled by music fan and film star Burt Reynolds, the soundtrack album is an all-music-star affair. It features not only Peggy Lee and Sarah Vaughan but also Julie London (in her last recorded appearance), and Joe Williams (both solo and in a duet with Vaughan). Heard in other tracks as well are Chet Baker, Randy Crawford, Buddy DeFranco, Eddie Harris, The Manhattan Transfer, Flora Purim, and Doc Severinsen.

2. Al Capps
3. Bill Holman
4. Bob Florence
5. Jim Gertzoff
Al Capps is one of three conductors listed on the original soundtrack LP. He is credited as the album's main arranger. Rhino Handmade CD 7853 specifically lists Al Capps as the arranger and conductor of "Let's Keep Dancing." He is also listed by Dennis Brown as the conductor of both Vaughan performances.

Credited with "additional arrangements" are both Bill Holman (who had worked with Peggy Lee in the late 1950s and early 1960s) and Bob Florence. Jim Gertzoff served as conductor of strings only.

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